Country Of Love - Annabel Lamb, Scott Davidson

    She's waiting for another train
    She's given it a share of chances into another country again
    No tears for the lies he told
    No letter on the bedroom chair
    No message written on the mirror
    Leave it looking like she's never been there
    Nothing left for her to hold
    She always steps forwars, she never looks back
    She leaves while she can with her dreams still intact
    Her sadness below her and hope high above
    With her heart in her hands she steps out
    Out of the country of love
    Pretty music on the radio
    She's looking down another highway
    No tears when the time comes to go
    No memories to cloud her sky
    She always steps forward, she never looks back...
    Look at the stars tonight
    They're shining, shining like a promise
    Shining like a promise, a promise of love

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words