Atlas' Marker - Rickie Lee Jones
    Maybe you want another world

    One where heaven doesn't weigh so much
    Maybe you'll find another girl
    One you can feel when you do not touch
    Well I've got something
    Warm inside me
    It won't let you fall
    'Til I see
    Somewhere better than this place
    Some night you'll open your eyes and live far away
    Somewhere better than the world

    I'm an aviator now
    Atlas hold me in your arms, I'll fly
    Over this tenement waterfall
    This wet buries all the tears we've cried
    I dream of you coming to me
    Swimming in a water
    Of many hearts I've known
    Beneath new stars they're calling
    Somewhere better than this place

    Oh! don't stay at home with your momma in the dark
    Go find the arc
    Show them the atlas' marker
    You walk into school like you got nothin' to win
    They won't let you in without atlas' marker

    Oh, my sister's buried here so deep
    I hear her digging in her sleep
    Somewhere better than his place
    Sometimes she closes her eyes
    And she's out in space
    Somewhere better than the world where we live


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words