Away from the Sky - Rickie Lee Jones
    For all that it cost him

    He never did complain
    The chicken-headed man
    Feathering the rain

    But the last bus is tired
    And everybody's gone
    The horses are waiting
    In the middle of the lawn

    Gone for the rodeo
    Gone from the tundra, gal
    It's after the fair
    Is it bleeding out of you?

    "Come into my trailer
    We'll toast a little bread
    Oh look, you've left a hole
    Where you laid on my bed"
    He said

    But you keep what you can keep
    When you dive into the deep
    There's year after frozen year
    That's where I saved you there

    Oh, away from the sky X4

    But everybody's gone now
    It's after the fair
    And the horses are painted
    With the waiting of the lawn

    You turn the carousel on
    When th elights have closed down
    And watch your ponies run
    Through the middle of town

    So there ya go, little gal, there ya go
    Gone from the tundra now
    It's after the fair
    That's where I ...

    Over the fences again
    And the vacuums in the hall
    And the planes up in the air
    That's where I hear you best

    Oh, away from the sky


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words