The Unsigned Painted/The Weird Beast - Rickie Lee Jones

    There must be a golden frame
    Coming to me
    Cuz where are you?
    Where are you?
    Where are you?

    The very day when you first heard
    Your heart beat
    Listens for you still
    So I think
    it's not so much the painting
    As what you give yourself
    By what you leave

    Your signature...

    On Sundays the ladies
    Took off their wiry, old hats and
    Made donuts in the back of
    The church. I can
    Smell them cooking in middle of mass

    Cakes are prizes at carnivals
    Holding hands—that's a gift
    Of our landscapes
    For the heart is always
    That one summer night
    you stretch it from face to face
    Like chewing gum. You can rig it up
    And hear each other thru a tin can
    Now it bakes and hardens like an old
    Dream under the front porch
    Where the air is talcum
    Mamma's eyes are blue
    And Father took the weird beast
    We're walking next to you

    That is the picture that I see


    I brought the Weird Beast here
    From Van Nuys Blvd.
    So I would not be without a man

    When the Tartans reign
    Flooded the
    Empty streets of Paris...
    And on one of these
    Passing boats I thought
    I saw the Weird Beast
    Speaking in the
    Russian tongue

    Will he kill the Czar?
    Will he kill the Czar?

    Draw the Weird Beast
    Everywhere you go.
    Death speaks the foreign
    Language we don't know.
    Make sure they hear him

    Someday vou'll meet
    A stranger
    Locations everywhere
    You go
    All of the science
    You've kept in bottles
    Someday this dream is
    Going to end

    I have this Feeling

    A Weird Beast
    Is going to come our way


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words