Deep Space - Rickie Lee Jones

    These stars
    No one else can see
    Trapeze the height of thee
    Vanish as they call

    These blues
    No one else can hear
    No one else can sing
    This one for you
    Can they, dear?

    Things that you do are always with me
    When you're laughing
    You're always here
    What's the use in crying?
    It won't matter when we're old

    This tear will
    Finally fall
    Keep your eyes here
    When there's no net at all

    Where the Lord's face
    Is an all-night cafe
    There's a woman who will wait on
    What you have to say
    And your dreams are like marbles
    In the pocket of a little boy
    And they whisper when you hold them
    Like a beautiful girl

    Beautiful girl


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words