Juke Box Fury - Rickie Lee Jones

    Polly and I went to the circus
    Polly got hit with a rolling pin
    We got even with the circus
    We bought tickets but we didn't go in...

    You won't like it here
    When I first take you,
    He's in the back doing his Father O'Riley for the cops.
    But you'll like Woody
    (He's hiding in the shed)
    And we're going with him
    I told my brother...
    When the Police come
    Don't say nothing
    Don't say nothing
    And the Police will go

    Cuz they don't like it
    When you beat them to the punch,
    They don't like it
    When you come in on a hunch.
    And I've seen more dreams
    Riding on his eyes,
    Than a sure thing like
    The Starry Skies,
    And you'll like it when you find out what he's got
    In the backyard,
    By the parking lot.

    Hey Baby, you're my favorite boy,
    I think about you all the time.
    And this garbage that you still employ,
    Do they really pay for every line?

    For the Juke Box Fury
    Pounding in your soul,
    Juke Box Fury tells them where to go,
    Juke Box Fury pounding in your head,
    Juke Box Fury every vvord we said when
    We were younger
    And they hurt us so,
    But you never know...

    You got a Juke Box.
    You can make it even.

    Look, I don't like it here.
    This is trouble.
    That guy keeps gettin'up.
    That girl keeps goin'over to the phone
    I'm going to talk to them
    (You just watch me)
    I'm going to tell them;
    "I think you two look like you're ready to go.."
    Put your foot right here.
    D'you get it down all right, dear?
    Well, put your foot right here...

    Here, baby,
    You're the one for me.
    This must be Paradise.
    She's never where you think she'll be,
    But don't worry about it

    Cuz the Juke Box Fury's
    Pounding in your soul
    Juke Box Fury knows where to go
    Juke Box Fury pounding in vour head
    Juke Box Fury every word we said
    When we vvere younger
    And they hurt us so
    But you never knovv...

    You don't knovv vvhat you've got,
    You can make it even!
    You got a Juke Box!
    You can make it even...

    Like this:

    Hev Danny! Wait for me!
    Hey! Danny?


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words