A Lucky Guy - Rickie Lee Jones

    Oh, he's a lucky guy
    Oh, he's a lucky guy
    He doesn't worry about me
    When I'm gone
    He goes to sleep at night
    He don't turn off the light
    And wonder how to find me
    Or if I'm alone

    Oh, he's a lucky guy
    I wish I was like him
    Cuz when he talks about me
    He don't look this way
    He's a lucky goy

    He used to walk with me
    He used to talk to me
    See, we have these secrets
    That no one else could hear
    Well, he's not the only one
    No, no not the only one
    But what happens to them?

    Do they matter?
    Do they disappear
    Into a lonely girl?
    Now I'm a lonely girl
    Cuz I want somebody with me in the world
    Oh, he's a lucky guy

    Fontune walks right in the door
    And here I am
    Just like before

    Well, I'm not gonna turn around
    I'm not his pretty clown
    I'm not the one caught
    Like he thought
    He was the last one I had there
    Cuz I did a foolish thing
    A real, real stupid thing

    I told him I love him
    And I want him there
    When I knew he wouldn't come

    And I knew he didn't care
    And I'll cry awhile
    I'll cry awhile
    But when I wake up
    Tomorrow is a new day
    I'm a lucky guy
    Hey, I'm a lucky guy
    Real, real lucky guy
    Hey, I'm a lucky guy


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words