Back on My Feet Again - Tom Jans

    The wind and the sage can make me cry
    As they roll down the canyon to the sea
    I remember l felt this way once down south
    That was the last time you saw me
    Since then there have been a million sleepless nights
    And broken days that never seem to end
    And l wonder how you ever got
    So deep inside in my soul
    Let me get back on my feet again

    Back on my feet again
    Till I'm walking straight and tall
    I feel like drinking with a long lost friend
    Until l'm back on my feet again

    There's not a thing you can do to hurt me now
    I haven't tried so many time before
    I remember the night the fire died inside your eyes
    As I watched you walking out the door
    Friends say they heard about the way he looked
    Walking hard and full into the wind
    Although it may take years I guess I'll just pretend
    That I'm back on my feet again


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words