Rosarita - Tom Jans

    She was the darkest light
    That I'd ever known
    Razed in an endless night
    And made out ofstone
    I met her in a mission
    She said "The beams are made of bone"
    Stories she told made me feel so all alone

    And I would follow her
    As she walked in the hills
    Drinking the silence there
    Until she had her fill
    I wanted to take her
    But I guess I never will

    Rosarita your journey is my own
    They say that your lover is not made of blood and bone
    The dust from the El Camino upan your face
    Your mother's in the mansion
    And your father's in disgrace

    One evening I followed her down to the sea
    Blue eyes and brown body dancing gracefully
    Voice. in the shadows I was ready for a fight
    She said remember what you learn tonight
    And in the moonlight I could see her smile
    She said you can take me
    But only for a little while
    You see my lover has gone so many more miles

    Somebody said they saw her running in the wind
    With tearful eyes never to return again
    I never was her lover
    And I never was her friend


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words