Young Man in Trouble - Tom Jans

    I am a gunner
    I'll ride with Murietta's band this summer
    Drink mescal in the moonlight
    Hold the senoritas tight
    I could be a sailor
    Sail my fortunes out upin the open sea
    Mother and the good life do not mean that much to me
    Do they mean that much to youl

    Sometimes I feel so good
    I can feel my body growing
    SometimesI feel so bad, I take no comfort in knowing
    That sometime. it doesn't matter
    So I let It scatter me
    Cause I'm a young man in trouble

    Young man, young man in trouble
    Feel so good that I'm feeling double
    Young man, young man in trouble
    Lost my shadow so I'll cut out on the double
    Till my dying day, I'm gonna stay
    A young man in trouble

    Sister Mary
    I've lied so many times it must be scary
    For you to know just where I'll go
    And babe you ought to know
    I can't keep a lover
    Much too soon they all discover
    Strength must be found with another
    Another man much stronger than me


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words