Distant Cannon Fire - Tom Jans

    Distant cannon fire
    In the hills above our town
    Me and Ramone got so scared
    We hit the ground
    Of the twenty men in my sweet short life

    All but five have feelt the pain
    Of Franco's knife
    Do the wind blows
    Through Barcellona plain
    When they burned my poems and touched her skins
    I went insane
    And I told Ramona ahaind and again and again and again

    Why in the world did they bring me here
    So near to the fire
    The sins of the fathers have gone
    But still they call me a liar
    A child of darkness may bever get much higher
    Than distant cannon fire

    They are closer now
    To  the villoge gates
    But the train. are full and the pass is blocked
    So we'll have to wai;t
    But a friend of mine
    From across the sea
    Speaks of a place where a man can live
    And still be free
    Where no palace guard
    On a moonless night
    Can turn my candle to the ground
    And run from sight
    Tum my candle to the ground and run
    Yes they run yes they run...

    I remember all my life
    Running to the well
    But that was when the spring. were full
    So only time will tell
    Just how long we can last
    Ramone say just behave
    But I can tell you one damn thing
    I'll never, no I'll never be a slave


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words