Free an Easy - Tom Jans

    Push and shove
    We look for love
    Searching everywhere

    And everyday
    We lose our way
    Trying so hard to care

    Love just ain't a tug of war
    That's not what it's for
    It's got to be so naturally
    To open each and every door

    It's plain to see
    It's got to be
    Free and easy

    Give up the rest
    Because the best
    Is free and easy

    The best part of
    A good love's free and easy

    Now it's not right
    To fuss and fight
    I think we'd both agree

    Such a shame
    To place the blame
    On everybody you see

    Just get rid of your blues
    You ain't got nothing to lose
    Just can't hide it, just can't fight it
    Only one thing to choose

    Repeat Chorus


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words