Blue Sky Rider - Tom Jans, Will Jennings

    Looking out your window
    I cannot see the moon
    Looks like another sun up
    Coming up too soon

    Though I've already loved you
    So many times tonight
    Got to love you one more time
    And make the feeling right

    You say you cannot leave here
    You know I cannot stay
    Guess we'll have to live a lifetime
    Before the break of day

    Just a blue, blue sky rider
    And I'll never let the clouds get in my way
    Just a blue, blue sky rider
    Said my dreams were strong and shining
    Never said they'd blind you like the sun
    If you came to love someone
    Who's a blue sky rider

    Is love just a feeling
    Something you can see
    All I know is what we had
    Felt like love to me

    Some lonely morning
    If I should cross your mind
    Just remember how good it was
    With your body next to mine

    The comfort that you gave me
    Will keep me warm inside
    Until there's no more love to leave
    And no more planes to ride

    Repeat Chorus


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words