Green River - Tom Jans

    Standing by the Green River
    Cold Wyoming makes me shiver
    The rodeo is far away from me

    Like a battered sailor
    I lean against my trailer
    We've sailed across a wild and dusty sea

    All my family's ever known
    Broken dreams and busted bones
    Hard to think of all the times we've cried

    Mother and my only child
    Love a man who's running wild
    Many of my promises have died

    So Greeh River,
    Yes I'm back again
    Down to my last friend
    Take me round the bend
    Guess I'll never know
    Where I want to go
    If I could be like you
    I'd just flow

    How can I forget that night
    Kissed her tears by candlelight
    And said I would return to set us free

    But the white lines followed me awhile
    Made me chase his lonely smile
    And I'm about as lost as I can be

    The winter sun is going down
    And I can see the lights of town
    Turn my back on what I've left behind

    All the faded rainbow colors
    Just run into one another
    And I'm still searching for some peace of mind

    Repeat Chorus


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words