Tender Memory - Tom Jans, Will Jennings

    Today I met a smiling girl
    Flowers in her hair
    It took me back to you and me
    I was wishing you were there

    It was good to feel again
    The way I used to feel
    Oh you're coming back to me
    In a tender memory

    And you're still soft
    As a sigh inside of me
    And you're still sweet
    The way you used to love me
    Never thought you'd be
    Just a tender memory

    You fill my lonely nights
    I still dream you're holding me
    Oh I need you so
    I can't let go

    And when my dreaming ends
    And I wake alone
    The only way you're holding me
    Is in a tender memory

    Repeat Chorus


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words