Old Time Feeling - Tom Jans, Will Jennings

    I could lie here forever
    And listen to the falling rain
    Didn't think I'd ever
    Be touched this way again
    Until you came
    You smiled at me, and rolled away the years
    Back to a place
    Where there was time enough to love
    And love enough to give

    You give me that old time feeling
    You give me that old time feeling
    We'll find a better place
    A feeling we can't erase
    The rainbows that we chase will never end
    We're coming close again
    When your love lets me in
    I don't know where I stop and you begin
    Love me back to that old time feeling

    In the early morning walking
    I'll have you by my side
    The morning wind blowing
    The troubles from my mind
    When evehing comes
    We'll watch the moon ride easy in the sky
    Like it used to be
    The old way of loving is coming back to me

    Reeat Chorus


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words