The Human Touch - Joe Jackson

    Some say the world is spinning faster
    Some say it isn't fast enough
    Some people say they've got the answer
    and some are scared to say they can't keep up

    I read the paper but it still isn't clear
    The bombs are falling but I'm still here
    I know all the figures and I know all the facts
    But all I can do is keep trying . . . .
    To look for the Human Touch

    Life is hard when you've got nothing
    Life can be hard when you've got too much
    Sometimes I wonder what's the difference
    It's only better with someone to touch

    I got the telephone stuck to my ear
    I keep yelling but you don't hear
    In all the universe I'm just a speck of dust
    But all I can do is keep trying . . . .
    To give you the Human Touch

    You know we're nothing in the scheme of things
    Just microchips in big machines
    And the world is spinning round and round
    but I know that we can slow it down
    And I know that I can make you see
    I'm on the side of you and me

    and all I want to do
    listen to me . . .
    Is give you . . . give you

    Give you the Human Touch

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words