Blaze Of Glory - Joe Jackson

    I'm gonna rant and rave
    I'm gonna lose control if they get me mad
    I'm staring at the TV screen
    They're staring right back
    I got a bottle in my hand
    I think I'll blow them up

    I'm gonna weep and wail
    I'm gonna gnash my teeth
    at the lies they tell
    and half the people in the world
    don't even know where they are
    don't even know they're being had
    I'm gonna wake them up

    (Believe me you'll find out
    that everything's rotten
    from bottom to top through and through
    All gold is just glitter
    all gains are ill-gotten
    But now what the hell do we do . . .)

    I'm gonna scream and shout
    I'm gonna stamp my feet
    'til a policeman comes
    I don't care what they say
    Don't care what they write down
    Book of Rules or Book of Life
    I'm gonna tear them up

    (now who wants to be just
    a bug that they trample
    Well you see what has happened of course
    'cause instead of using the force of example
    Now it's just the example of force . . .)

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words