Me and You (Against the World) - Joe Jackson

    If I could be two places at one time
    I'd be with you
    I've lost my heart I'm losing half my mind
    but i don't care

    Don't tell me don't ask me don't talk at all
    Don't help me I don't know if I can stand
    The bitter-sweetness of it all

    I don't know I don't care don't even hear
    what they all say
    There's no past there's no future and no fear
    what can they do
    I'm helpless I can't talk or even stand
    My heart won't start until I get from you
    The look that says you love me too
    Me and you against the world

    I've read the Bible and those books at school
    but they don't make much sense of this
    The finest minds are calling me a fool
    But you destroy them with your kiss
    Just one kiss

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words