Pretty Boys - Joe Jackson

    Pretty boys - on my TV screen
    Teeth so white and hair so clean
    Pretty boys - sing and play guitars
    Pretty boys get to be big stars

    How do you rate my sex appeal from one to ten
    Is my image just a bit confusing
    Maybe I should get a facelift, start again
    Maybe I should trade my pointed shoes in
    'Cause talent don't count
    For Pretty Boys

    Those promo people got a lot to answer for
    You can take your face and see just where it fits
    Be a pretty pawn in someone else's war
    Your baby blue eyes - somebody else's wits
    Equals success
    For Pretty Boys

    I wanna see a human being on my TV set
    Want some action for the fat and thin man
    They're getting closer but they ain't got robots yet
    Just a hero with a smile like a tin man
    No brains and no heart

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words