We Can't Live Together - Joe Jackson

    In distant lands
    There's no such luxury
    You'd give your hand
    In pre-arranged matrimony
    You'd wear the veil
    I'd sit in some cafe somewhere
    Instead of this running around
    And this right to be free
    So pleased with ourselves but there's one thing I've found
    about you and me
    We can't live together
    But we can't stay apart

    In all my dreams
    I've wanted someone like you
    With no extremes
    We'd both do what we have to do
    But it's too easy, and then it's too hard
    And passion gives us away
    We know when to play the right cards
    But we never know what to say
    And we can't live together
    But we can't stay apart

    Why can't you be more like me
    Or me like you
    And why can't one and one
    Just add to two

    But we can't live together
    And we can't stay apart

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words