T.V. Age - Joe Jackson, Tatler

    Here we stand -
    (remote control buttons in our sweaty little hands)
    As one man -
    (we're lining up and waiting for someone's command)
    We don't move -
    (we sent out for food, get the news on video)
    I can prove -
    (there's no need for movies, we got HBO)
    In the
    T.V. Age

    They're out there somewhere
    (you know the force has got a lot of power - but what makes you think it gives a shit about you . . . who are you anyway?)
    They're taking over
    (and I believe - the aliens have to take a physical form on our planet - so why not one with 13 channels . . .)
    They're out there somewhere

    Times must change
    (this ain't the stone age, we don't have rocks in our heads)
    What's so strange -
    (we don't work no more, so why get out of bed)

    T.V. rules -
    (pretty soon you won't be able to turn it off at all)
    All you fools -
    (then it'll turn you off - your back's against the wall)
    In the -
    T.V. Age


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words