Secure Yourself - Amy Ray
    In the ink of an eye I saw you bleed;

    Through the thunder I could hear you scream,
    Solid to the air I breath,
    Open-eyed and fast asleep.
    Falling softly as the rain;
    No footsteps ringing in your ears.
    Ragged down worn to the skin,
    Warrior raging, have no fear.

    Secure yourself to heaven.
    Hold on tight, the night has come.
    Fasten up your earthly burdens,
    You have just begun.

    Kneeling down with broken prayers,
    Hearts and bones from days of youth.
    Restless with an angel's wing,
    I dig a grave to bury you.
    No feet to fall,
    You need no ground.
    Allowed to glide right through the sun,
    Released from circles guarded tight,
    Now we all are chosen ones.

    Repeat Chorus


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words