Southland in the Springtime - Emily Saliers
    Maybe we'll make Texas by the morning

    Light the bayou with our tail lights in the night
    800 miles to el paso from the state line
    And we never have the money for the flight
    I'm in the back seat sleepy from the travel
    Played our hearts out all night long in New Orleans
    I'm dirty from the diesel fumes, drinking coffee black
    When the first breath of Texas comes in clean
    And there's something 'bout the Southland in the springtime
    Where the waters flow with confidence and reason
    Though I miss her when I'm gone it won't ever be too long
    Till I'm home again to spend my favorite season
    When God made me born a yankee he was teasin'
    There's no place like home and none more pleasin'
    Than the Southland in the springtime
    In Georgia nights are softer than a whisper
    Beneath a quilt somebody's mother made by hand
    With the farmland like a tapestry passed down through generations
    And the peach trees stitched across the land
    There'll be cider up near Helen off the roadside
    And boiled peanuts in a bag to warm your fingers
    And the smoke from the chimneys meets its maker in the sky
    With a song that winter wrote whose melody lingers

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words