Entitled Untitled - Dirk Hamilton, Eric Westphal

    I will write some songs
    And sing my songs
    I will write some songs
    And then I'll be long gone

    I will play for you
    And pray for you
    I will stay for you
    And see that you get through

    If you believe
    This dying world can get better
    Write me a letter
    Upon a leaf
    And on a breeze
    Mail it to me
    For something to pin on my sweater
    Rain weather wetter
    With cryin' eyes

    After "you and me"
    Grow to "us and we"
    We'll touch eternity
    "Cuz love's the only thing that's really free
    Our lives are like letters
    On flying leaves

    We who write the songs
    We who sing the songs
    We who play the songs
    Soon will be long gone

    All songs ©1991 by Rabbit Songs BMI


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words