I Have Come Of Age - Dirk Hamilton

    Happiness is easy as a chuckle from a plum
    and all the world's in circle harmony
    But show me a life that won't be torn by strife
    and end in tragedy
    Nothing here is changed
    Everything's the same
    But singing in my chains
    I Have Come Of Age

    Well ya' put me on hold and ya' don't return my calls
    Do ya' think because you're busy you're important?
    There are galaxies of color that fade to grey
    When an imagination's dormant
    You can be so cruel
    In your world of grey
    While you never grew
    I have Come Of Age

    Nothing here is new
    Night still follows day
    But I see me and you since
    I Have Come Of Age

    Happiness is easy as a chuckle from a thumb
    But we all wear our mittens
    As we go out in the cold and roll in the snow
    And laugh like contradictions
    There's no need to grieve
    Everything's o.k.
    When you see you in me
    You Have Come Of Age

    All songs ©1991 by Rabbit Songs BMI


    Marco Giunco
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