Go Down Swingin' - Dirk Hamilton

    Well they were all in cahoots with the cops
    They kept him locked up in a box
    'til he fell in with Goldilocks where they threw their receipts and their dirty socks
    Then they strapped down in a bed
    Shot him up 'til his body felt like lead
    But the places he went in his head brought magic to the words that he said
    Oh ... and he freed 'em all instead

    When he told 'em to
    Go Down Swingin'
    Their swings made wings
    Go Down Swingin'
    Until the last bell rings
    and Iron Mike Tyson taught them that
    There isn't anybody who can't be knocked flat
    But still they'll Go Down Swingin'
    Swingin', swingin', swingin'

    I'm feeling strong and terrified
    As I watch the other guys
    With their comfortable lives made of comfortable lies
    With a comfortable woman who's a stranger by their side
    But I'd rather be found dead in a ditch
    Then to find my self livin' like this
    I can understand seekin' out a shelter in a storm
    But they trade away their freedom just so they can die warm
    I don't wanna die warm

    I wanna Go Down Swingin'
    Let my swings make wings
    Go Down Swingin'
    With every song I sing
    And I know that the truth has to talk for itself
    And if I win this fight I know I'll lose somewhere else
    But still, I will, Go Down Swingin'

    All songs ©1991 by Rabbit Songs BMI


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words