For Diana - Dirk Hamilton

    As often as always
    I'm thinking
    As seldom as sometimes
    My first love was young
    My song had begun
    In the laughter of moments I knew it was time
    For lettin' it into my head

    The world was still young then
    And simple
    We knew what was right then
    And what was sinful
    We made love in love
    And God was above
    He was smilin' down on us, yeah that was the time
    For lettin' it into our hearts

    Mom's gone
    Dad's gone
    Come in
    My bed is soft to lie in

    And we were young and innocent
    Young and innocent
    And we were never growin' older
    Carryin' her around on my shoulders
    And I believe to my heart
    It'll never die
    And I believe, I believe
    Love will never die.

    All songs ©1977 by Rabbit Songs BMI


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words