Inside Track - Ferron

    I don't think about distant places
    When I've got my own mind
    But it leaves me when I least expect it
    Then I'm looking for a short line for home
    I'm praying to a sunset mountain
    Well aware the softest light's behind me
    I stare at the pink cloud waterfountains
    And wonder now who is ever gonna find me?

    Well who doesn't have a thing with power
    But how it leaves you late and lonely
    And now with freedom my front porch
    I eat my dinner with 'if only'
    I give when the giving's easy
    And then then I crack when the give's too hard
    I adore the distant hazy
    And then I run when it's in my yard
    My my...

    I remember that time I told you
    Abut your love and the polished stone
    It's so easy to forgive you
    Now that I'm polishing up my own
    I got to kiss the face of heaven
    And then when she kissed me back
    I tried to roll my lucky sevens
    And now I'm back on the inside track
    My my...

    Help me remember those times every once in a while
    When I'm a quick flashing light
    When I'm aglow in a midnight smile
    Or deep in a wide, wide night
    That I'm glad we're more than bodies
    And that we're ever souls in journey
    I am thrilled this earth is beauty
    And there's no past tense for 'easy'
    My my...

    Copyright © 1989  Nemesis Publishing, All Rights Reserved


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words