White Wing Mercy - Ferron

    White wing mercy I don't want to stay here
    White wing mercy don't you leave me here

    It was passed among the rest of them
    While playing cards and playing friends
    That some of us are crazy
    (With a voice that knew who)
    I tied up all my laces
    I covered up my faces
    And staring in the mirror
    I'd dare to wonder who
    Was it my father with his hunting kit
    Was it my mother with her hitting stick
    Or was it my auntie who was always sick
    Or was it me -- that was my biggest fear.
    I wouldn't look at anybody in the eyes
    I was afraid they'd realize
    I was a crazy in a kid's disguise
    And they wouldn't let me go to summer camp next year.

    How they never gave my growth a rest
    At my etiquette or at my breast
    Humility the hidden test -- I played along
    But going through my day-to-day
    I felt sure there was another way
    I was wondering the price I paid to belong.
    I left my father as only daughters can
    I chose to see him as a monster of a man
    I left my mother in her frameless cage
    But never could I shake her rage

    Now you with your visions
    And you with your fancies
    And you with your stories
    I couldn't understand
    My childhood adored you
    And naked before you
    I stand as a witness as timeless as sand.
    White wing mercy carry me away
    I hear them singing clear from over here.
    White wing mercy I don't want to stay here
    White wing mercy Don't you leave me here.

    Copyright © 1978 Nemesis Publishing, All Rights Reserved


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words