Stand Up - Ferron

    There's love in the corners and love down the straight highway
    There's danger in the outskirts of town and in what you don't say
    You're either sinking or thinking the dark's your romance
    Or a special one's shining a light on a chance
    That it's all very worthy to ache In the middle of the night.

    Sometimes I can't sleep I can't keep all these feelings at bay
    I am rage, I am sorrow and grief all alone in my way
    I know humor and heartbreak and people are life
    If I keep my eyes closed I'll be open to strife
    Because the powers that be send their love In the middle of the night.

    I'm gonna stand up and let myself be counted for
    Stand up now
    I've got my one life and what's it to amount to
    If I don't learn how
    To love you and love myself beside you
    Mix the gentle and proud
    I want to love life,
    The vision in the window told me
    Stand up.

    To my mother my father my witnesses live in my jagged heart
    That for years has been running like fire as though that was its part
    From lover to cover and ocean to sky From desert to mountain and promise to lie
    I can say that I've prayed to forgiveness In the middle of the night.


    Now I can see love in the woman and love in the man in myself
    I see how most people just ache to be good at expressing themselves
    And I wish I could tell you just right what I mean
    About the light shining down, if I'd only come clean
    But for now I live with myself
    In the middle of the night.


    Copyright © 1990 Nemesis Publishing, All Rights Reserved


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words