Out of Control - Glen Frey, Don Henley, Nexon
    Oh, my, don't the sky look spacious

    With the stars all shinin' down
    Well, I can hear the night wind howlin'
    It's a high and lonesome sound
    And I ain't had a woman in so long
    I can't feed my starvin soul
    Come on, saddle up, boys, we're gonna ride into town
    We're gonna get a little out of control

    There's a card game in the corner
    And the barmaid smiled at me
    Well, I tipped her a sliver dollar and
    she brought me a drink for free

    All the town-folk call her the cheap one
    And the gamblers call her Flo
    Come on, set 'em up again
    I got me a friend and I think I'm gettin' out of control

    She's cool water, her momma taught her
    I got news, she's mine and mine alone
    And if anybody's lookin' for trouble
    You know I'm the one you want to try

    Well, I'll fight any man who wants to
    And I don't care who or why

    You got to gamble on your story
    You got no guts, you get no glory
    And I'm bettin' my money on an ace in the hole
    Think I'm gettin' out of control  


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words