Eternal Circle - Bob Dylan

    I sang the song slowly
    As she stood in the shadows
    She stepped to the light
    As my silver strings spun
    She called with her eyes
    To the tune I's a-playin'
    But the song it was long
    And I'd only begun

    Through a bullet of light
    Her face was reflectin'
    The fast fading words
    That rolled from my tongue
    With a long-distance look
    Her eyes was on fire
    But the song it was long
    And there was more to be sung.

    My eyes danced a circle
    Across her clear outline
    With her head tilted sideways
    She called me again
    As the tune drifted out
    She breathed hard through the echo
    But the song it was long
    And it was far to the end

    I glanced at my guitar
    And played it pretendin'
    That of all the eyes out there
    I could see none
    As her thoughts pounded hard
    Like the pierce of an arrow
    But the song it was long
    And it had to get done

    As the tune finally folded
    I laid down the guitar
    Then looked for the girl
    Who'd stayed for so long
    But her shadow was missin'
    For all of my searchin'
    So I picked up my guitar
    And began the next song


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words