What Was It You Wanted - Bob Dylan
    What was it you wanted?
    Tell me again so i know
    What's happenin' in there?
    What's goin' on with your show?
    What was it you wanted?
    Could you say it again
    I'll be back in a minute
    You can get it together by then.

    What was it you wanted?
    You can tell me i'm back
    We can start it all over
    Get it back on the track.
    You got my attention
    Well, go ahead speak
    What was it you wanted
    When you were kissin' my cheek?

    Was there somebody lookin'
    When you gimme that kiss?
    Someone there in the shadows
    Someone that i might have missed
    Is there something you needed?
    Something i don't understand
    What was it you wanted?
    Do i have it here in my hand?

    Whatever you wanted
    Slipped outta my mind
    Would you remind me again
    If you'd be so kind?
    Has the record been breakin'?
    Did the needle just skip?
    Is there somebody waiting?
    Was there a slip of the lip?

    What was it you wanted?
    I ain't keepin' score
    Are you the same person
    That was here before?
    Is it something important?
    Maybe not.
    What was it you wanted?
    Tell me again i forgot.

    Whatever you wanted
    What could it be?
    Did somebody tell you
    That you could get it from me?
    Is it something comes natural?
    Is is easy to say?
    Why do you want it?
    Who are you anyway?

    Is the scenery changin'?
    Am i gettin' it wrong?
    Is the whole thing going backwards?
    Are they playin' our song?
    Where were you when it started?
    Do you want it for free?
    What was it you wanted?
    Are you talkin' to me?

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words