Charlemagne - Burton Cummings

    She got a red dress kicking up pretty heels
    She was playing the money game
    Giving those men a thrill
    Spending nights in sin city
    Wearing all the upper class women down
    But she did not, she could not
    Change her name to Jezebel
    Never once did she try
    No no no she couldn't change her name to Jezebel

    I got an army then I gave them spears
    Then I seized the power
    And I went around for ahundred years
    I was doing alright
    Taking what I need and what I wanted to
    I did not and I could not
    Change my name to Charlemagne
    Never once did I try
    No no no I couldn't change my name to
    Charlemagne ... no way

    Sailin off past Jupiter
    Venus and my skies
    Then I'm heading back for the water
    It's coming as no surprise
    That I'm doing alright
    They're even gonna check my fingerprints
    But I was not and I never could be
    Never could be no astronaut
    No never once did I try
    No no no no I'd never be no astronaut
    And I did not and I could not
    Change my name to Charlemage


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words