Try to Find Another Man - Bobby Hatfield, Billy Medley

    I think you better
    I think you better try to find another man
    Try try to find one who'll love you
    And let him do the best he can
    Don't start none of that grievin
    This time I'm leaving
    Packing up my suitcase
    Try to find another man

    When I first met you
    You were such a sweet thing
    You meant everything to me
    So I took you for my bride
    Yea, but in five years you've changed
    And now you never do nothin
    All you ever do is sit around the RV set
    Feed your fat face complain and make life a complete misery


    From the early hours of the morning
    To the late hours at night
    You keep on naggin me babe
    It's hell for me it's hell for me
    You think I can't do nothing right
    I can't stand it no more
    And I want you to know one thing before I go
    It's gonna be one hell of a long time before
    You find another sweet loving fine looking man like me

    I think you better try to find another man


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words