C'mon Baby - Seger

    Hey little girl you're lookin so good
    Dressed up nice like a little girl should
    Tight little sweater and a short little skirt
    Hey little girl you're quite the flirt

    What am I doin after the show
    Gee honey gosh - I don't know
    Probably just watch TV or something ya know
    Holiday Inn, Room 234

    Come on by we'll have a good time
    Come on by we'll drink some wine
    We'll get high everything'll be fine
    Your mama won't know so your mama won't mind

    Say you like the sound of a loud guitar
    And what's it like being a rock and roll star
    You wanna ride in my black car
    Well how soon honey and how far

    You're a sweet thing that's alright
    Age ain't everything you know they're right
    And will I be staying up all night
    Well, come on by and I just might


    Come on by babe
    Comeon by honey
    What ya doing later

    Step into my office lover
    I got some important business to discuss ya understand
    Come on by

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words