Set The Prarie On Fire - Shawn Colvin, Elly Brown

    Full full moon and
    That same sad nature
    I wanna cover every inch of you
    Like ink on paper
    Like the blind parade of souls
    Consumed by religion
    I can't wait 'til I get you
    In that defenseless position

    When we set the prairie on fire
    Oh we go down to the water
    Naked and slow
    You and me
    And the heart of desire
    We set the prairie on fire
    How hard will the wind blow
    How far will it go

    When the feeling burns down
    To one solitary color
    The velocity of longing
    Melting into each other
    It's a song our fingers play
    All at once and together
    You can bet we never learned it
    But we've known it forever

    Oh I dreamed that we were flying
    Carried up from the ashes
    Black silhouettes of velvet
    Against the crimson of passion
    We can almost hear the echoes
    From the smoldering meadow
    It's the rapture of the angels
    And the rage of the devil


    In the cool dusk of horses
    Through the rusted wires of sleep
    With our arms around midnight
    We're headed for release
    We go riding in the wind
    We go riding in the dark
    Go riding, riding


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words