Climb On (A Back That's Strong) - Shawn Colvin, John Leventhal

    Oh, my soul
    Sometimes we don't know what to do
    We work so hard
    Being tough on our own
    But now it's me and you
    Let's give it up
    Sad bones
    'Cause we all fall on hard times
    But you don't have to stand up all alone
    Just put your hand in mine

    Climb on
    A back that's strong
    Hey hey
    You can git' what you want
    Climb on
    A back that's strong

    If you could save me
    A place in heaven
    With a clean well-lighted room
    I'll muscle up to Armageddon
    And I'll wave to you darlin'
    Be home soon
    And if you could show me
    The story of love
    I would write it
    Again and again
    And then you could be
    The woman you need
    If you just let me be
    The man that I am

    Oh, I don't know
    Sometimes we try too hard to see
    But we got one down now
    One more to go
    That's when you say
    To me

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words