Round Of Blues - Shawn Colvin, Larry Klein

    Here we go again
    Another round of blues
    Several miles ago
    I set down my angel shoes
    On a lost highway
    For a better view
    Now in my mind's eye
    All roads lead to you

    So wherever you go
    You better take care of me
    This time
    If you're gonna go
    Remember me and all
    This time

    We had our bitter cheer
    And sweet sorrow
    We lost a lot today
    We get it back tomorrow
    I hear the sound of wheels
    I know the rainbow's end
    I see lights in a fat city
    I feel love again


    All this time
    I been makin' deals
    Shades if black and white
    On a Hollywood reel
    All this time
    I been missing
    Something so real
    All this time
    I been a face in the crowd
    Now I'm living in color
    And laughing out loud
    All these names
    For just foolin' around
    It's a new breakthrough
    It's an old break down

    We smoked a lot of hope
    We did our cryin' , too
    We're finally waking up
    To what real love can do
    Down a lost highway
    Under the twilight moon
    A chorus in your eyes
    Another round of blues


    We had all
    This time
    We had all
    This time

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words