Polaroids - Shawn Colvin

    Please no more therapy
    Mother take care of me
    Piece me together with a
    Needle and thread
    Wrap me in eiderdown
    Lace from your wedding gown
    Fold me and lay me down
    On your bed
    Or liken me to a shoe
    Blackened and spit-shined through
    Kicking back home to you
    Smiling back home
    Singing back home to you
    Laughing back home to you
    Dragging back home to you

    I was so wary then
    The ugly American
    Thinner than oxygen
    Tough as a whore
    I said you can lie to me
    I own what's inside of me
    And nothing surprises me anymore
    But forests in Germany
    Kids in the Tuileries
    Broken-down fortresses
    In old Italy
    And claiming his victory
    Shrouded in mystery
    He went running away with me

    Back in our home New York
    Walking these streets forlorn
    We all in our uniforms
    Black and black
    Doing that slouch and jive
    The artist must survive
    We've got all we need we cried
    And we don't look back
    Thinking we had it made
    Poised for the hit parade
    Knee deep in accolades
    The conceptual pair
    But ever the malcontent
    He left without incident
    Vanished into thin air

    Now I am always amazed
    Words can fill up a page
    Pages fill up the days
    Between him and me
    But the vows that we never keep
    From bedrooms to business-speak
    Make me remember how cheap
    Words can be
    And the letters I wrote you of
    Were those of the desperate stuff
    Like begging for love in a suicide threat
    But I am too young to die
    Too old for a lullaby
    Too tired for life on the ledge

    But I had a dream last night
    Of lovers who walked the plank
    Out on the edge of time
    Amidst ridicule
    They laughed as they rocked and reeled
    Over the mining fields
    Coming to rest on this ship of fools
    But he just took polaroids
    Of her smile in the light
    Of the dawn of the menacing sky
    And before they went overbaord
    She turned and held up a card
    And it said Valentine

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words