You Drive Me Crazy - Greg Brown

    Hello darlin'.
    I been gone for awhile.
    Come on in and see me,
    I ain't wearin' nothin' but a smile.
    Just when we should be kissin',
    seems like we fuss and fight.
    You say you don't know why,
    and I say I don't know why.

    You drive me crazy,
    with all the things you do and do not do.
    Umm, I love you so much,
    I'm gonna drive you crazy too.

    Well like that mythological goon,
    pushing the stone up the hill,
    if we don't get over pretty soon,
    I don't think we ever will.

    [repeat chorus]

    Is it the way you look right past me,
    with your hands upon your hips?
    Is it the little twinkle in your eye,
    or the snear upon your lips?

    [repeat chorus]

    You shoulda married someone,
    a whole lot more like you--
    drink coffee in the little cafes,
    and you could go out shopping too.

    I shoulda married someone,
    who likes to camp and fish,
    and make love for two days straight,
    And you say, "don't you wish".

    [repeat chorus]

    I love to sit beside you,
    when the storm is past,
    and we don't know what happened
    but there's sweet peace at last.

    We'll be alright for awhile,
    and someday we'll be free,
    and even if we both still look puzzled
    let your face be the last one I see.

    [repeat chorus]


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words