Hotdogs And Hamburgers - John Mellencamp
    Drivin' down on a dry summer's day

    Old Route 66 and I was just a kid
    Met a pretty little Indian girl
    Along the way
    Got her into my car
    And tried to give her a kiss
    I'll give you beads and wampum
    Whatever it takes girl, to make you trade
    She jumped into the back seat
    And she kind of flipped her lid
    She said you're tryin' to get something for nothing
    Like the pilgrims in the olden days

    We rode for a while till the sun went away
    And I realized it was sort of an honor
    Bein' around this girl
    I felt embarrassed
    Of what I tried to do earlier that day
    She was the saddest girl I ever knew
    She told me stories about the Indian nations
    And how the white man stole their lives away
    And although she kinda liked me
    She could never trust me
    And when the sun comes up
    We'd go our different ways

         Now everybody has got the choice
         Between hotdogs and hamburgers
         Every one of us has got to choose
         Between right and wrong
         And givin' up or holdin' on

    So I dropped her off at some railroad crossing in Texas
    An old Indian man was waiting there
    He smiled and thanked me
    But he saw right through me
    I could tell he didn't like me
    For my kind he did not care
    Because to him I was the white man
    The one who sold him something that he already owned
    And it was like he'd been riding in the car right there with us
    And I felt ashamed of my actions
    And the way the west was really won
    So I drove down the highway
    Till I came to Los Angeles
    The town of the angels
    The best this country can do
    I got down on my knees
    And I asked for forgiveness
    I said, Lord, forgive us for we know not what we do



    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words