Hard Times For An Honest Man - John Mellencamp
    One man

    Does his work
    He's not satisfied
    Not at all
    Feels like
    That he is being used
    His self respect starts to fall
    His frustration
    Runnin' very very high
    He takes it out
    On the one he loves
    Because it's safe
    And who they gonna tell
    And he hates the cold-bloodedness
    That runs inside

         Oh yes
         It's hard times
         For an honest man
         Very very very hard times
         Hard times for an honest man
         Very very very hard times

    She's got a lot of pride
    You can see it when she walks into the room
    But she's young
    And she's unaware
    Of what a brutal world can do to you
    So she loves a man
    He lies like a dog
    Tears her little world all apart
    So the walls go up
    For the rest of her days
    And there ain't no man can touch this girl's heart


    So we walk
    From the front porch to the back yard
    Just to laugh and say hello and say good-bye
    But some days are hard, like a soldier's steel-toed boots
    And the rent we pay to stay here gets high



    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words