Rumours of War - Billy Bragg

    There are soldiers marching on the common today
    They were there again this evening
    They paced up and down like sea birds on the ground
    Before the storm clouds gathering

    I must buy whatever tinned food is left on the shelves
    They are testing the air raid sirens
    They've filled up the blood banks and emptied the beds
    At the hospital and the asylum

    I saw a man build a shelter in his garden today
    As we stood there idly chatting
    He said "no, no I don't think war will come"
    Yet still he carried on digging

    Everything in my life that I love
    Could be swept away without warning
    Yet the birds still sing and the church bells ring
    And the sun came up this morning

    Life goes on as it did before
    As the country drifts slowly to war


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words