So Sorry Baby - Phil Harris

    Try to understand me,
    Consider what I say,
    Can we find satisfaction,
    Well, maybe another day,
    I've been working so hard, just to pay my dues,
    However much we earn my friend,
    We always seem to lose.

    I sometimes get the feeling
    To set off down the line,
    Ain't no time for yesterdays, leave all that behind,
    I'm goin' down to the country, got to get away,
    Down into the country,
    To see the light of day.
    Getting out of the big old city, see what I can find,
    Out of the big old city,
    Leave my troubles blues behind.

    Goin' down into the country, ain't no time to lose,
    I feel so free and easy, just me and my walking shoes.

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words