One of Us Cannot Be Wrong - Leonard Cohen

    I lit a thin green candle, to make you jealous of me
    But the room just filled up with mosquitos,
    they heard that my body was free
    Then I took the dust of a long sleepless night
    and I put it in your little shoe
    And then I confess that I tortured the dress
    that you wore for the world to look through

    I showed my heart to the doctor: he said I just have to quit
    Then he wrote himself a prescription,
    and your name was mentioned in it!
    Then he locked himself in a library shelf
    with the details of our honeymoon,
    and I hear from the nurse that he's gotten much worse
    and his practice is all in a ruin

    I heard of a saint who had loved you,
    so I studied all night in his school
    He taught that the duty of lovers
    is to tarnish the golden rule
    And just when I was sure that his teachings were pure
    he drowned himself in the pool
    His body is gone but back here on the lawn
    his spirit continues to drool

    An Eskimo showed me a movie
    he'd recently taken of you:
    the poor man could hardly stop shivering,
    his lips and his fingers were blue
    I suppose that he froze when the wind took your clothes
    and I guess he just never got warm
    But you stand there so nice, in your blizzard of ice,
    oh please let me come into the storm

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words