Lily of the Midnight Sky - Bruce Cockburn

    over the slow slide of continents
    over the salt pans pipelines masts and pavilions
    shimmering crescent moon recedes into working dawn --
    lone crow against pallid sky
    single plume of white smoke on yellow speckled plain
    yellowing leaves sparkle in cold breeze --
    wave patterns among wave patterns
    particles disperse and rejoin
    dissolve and reform like the lining of a womb
    the cold of your absence blows from
    the silent tv the parking lot
    the balcony with clothes waving good-bye/hello

    in the rising day
    you keep fading away
    don't i know that you're always around
    i can reach you if i try
    Lily of the Midnight Sky

    solders of sunrise -- shooting into a forest of flowers
    slow motion
    petals float into pink crimson white
    grow wings
    flutter into mountainous distance
    flutter like a stadium full of applauding hands
    i raise a fist to the marauding sun that has hidden you away
    i'm the rag in a bottle of gasoline
    longing to ignite
    ich will alles
    all of you -- shining on the panther skin of night
    mirrored in a black lake in a night that glistens like blood on gold

    nobody else could be you
    if only i could see you
    i should be able to touch you somehow
    i can reach you if i try
    Lily of the Midnight Sky

    while you look from on high
    spare a smile as i
    put on my dog mask and howl for you
    i can reach you if i try
    Lily of the Midnight Sky

    (BOULDER, 11/11/84)


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words