Going Up Against Chaos - Bruce Cockburn

    Moon across the valley
    Squatting on the roof
    Of the dirty gray bank
    Like a cop with no proof

    We were lying in bliss
    Love was cooling into sleep
    There was a dream on the horizon
    And a punch-up in the street

    We were lying on the mountain
    by the satellite dish
    Humming with the tremors of
    Every envy, rage and wish
    Orchids and radar
    In the dazzling night
    The stars were all racing like satellites

    Going up against chaos
    Going up against chaos
    Two hearts full of tough love

    We were bodies of light
    Like we'll be someday
    The sirens and the curses
    Were light years away

    We were Lot on the mountain
    We were Noah on the Ark
    Flying hand in hand
    From the doghowl dark

    Going up against chaos...

    (Toronto  8/8/81)


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words