Waiting For the Moon - Bruce Cockburn

    Body lines fluid in static heat
    Thoughts buzzing like flies around meat
    land here -- land there --
    Quick circles in the air
    I'm riding smooth but just a little slow
    Waiting for the moon to show

    Leather-faced old men by the cafe wall
    Kids in the surf splashing with a soccer ball
    I gaze through curved lens
    Trying to identify the sky's end
    Little spots on the horizon into gunboats grow
    Waiting for the moon to show

    Might be a party -- might be a war
    When those faceless sailors come ashore
    Speculation is a waste of time
    You want to go have a glass of wine?
    Whatever's coming, there's no place else to go
    Waiting for the moon to show

    (Lauzarote  12/9/81)


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words